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This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.

Bella Soiree founders, Heather Cody and Kelly York, have many years of event design and production experience, (a lady never reveals her age).And have worked with prestigious customers across the globe.

Kelly has worked on events for HSBC, Harrods and even worked on the production of Mr World in China. She has a balloon artistry certification, a baking and pastry diploma from ICE, NYC and worked at Carlo's bakery.

Heather has put together event for many corporate companies including Salesforce and the Rugby Worldcup. Her floristry designs are impeccible.

Their meticulous eye for detail and creative flair set them apart from others and together makes them a dream team!

Fun fact, Heather and Kelly both lived in the same apartment building, at the same time in New York City, but didn't actually meet each other until the both moved to Connecticut!

Socializing is a big part of ours lives, so when Covid hit our nation, Heather and Kelly wanted to create a business that would keep clients safe, but still create a lasting memory. Thus Bella Soiree was born!

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